OMG you too!? I'm the same. He even said those were the most difficult solo's that he has ever written. When ever I hear November Rain I just want to cry; the solo just makes me want to just break down; but then I can't; it's Slash; he'll call me a pussy, lols. You have to get the album some how, its awesome. A couple of the songs took awhile to grow onto me; but I started to love them. I like to keep up to date with things that consider Slash in it. Do you own any Slash merchandise?

I’m really loving your blog! I used to own this Guns N Roses shirt when I was a kid. That shirt saved my life, would’ve never known that they existed if it weren’t for that shirt. But that’s all unfortunately. I’m egging my ‘rents to allow me to shop internationally online! They got me a copy of his book though. It’s so addicting!!!!


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Meet my brother, GABRIEL. three years my senior
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